This morning i went to a patchwork class, I’ve been wanting to learn to sew for many years now and i’ve always  come up with a excuse. So i pushed myself and a friend to tag along..i made a pillow case, not  going to lie, but i’m impressed, i’m also glad i left the house.

The class itself lasted 2 hours, spent the first half an hour picking 25 different pieces of cloth and putting them into a design of sort, from there we were shown how to use the sewing machines and we practiced to sew first and from there on we started putting all the pieces together and etc. It turned out well, it wasn’t perfect, it could be neater and the squares weren’t always aligned, but it just shows it was handmade, i guess.

I used a hemming machine, that was the most exciting part! it cut the material and did the hem work all together, i really do have a lot to learn 🙂 .

The plan is to do things like this more often… let see what happens.

Talk soon





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